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Where Citizens of Warrenville work

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Last month's Blog post on Warrenville focused on where its citizens live. The focus of this post will be where they work.

As noted in the earlier post, Warrenville's population is diverse - so are their jobs - the range from white collar to blue, professional to civil servants.

Skilled factory and office workers make a good middle class living. The Plasticville Manufacturing company is the town's largest employer with several locations here:

Innovative Controls is another important employer in this segment:

While it was unfortunate that the largest Plasticville complex recently displaced a family farm, the farmers made a pretty penny on the sale and still operate a greenhouse and farmstand nearby:

Civil servants such as the police, firemen, teachers, sanitation men and road workers keep Warrenville safe, educated, clean and maintained:

Energy workers include those working to produce and distribute oil, coal and propane:

Distribution line poles must also be maintained:

Lumber is another big industry here:

Let's not forget the hospital and retail workers:

A fair number of Warrenville's citizens are in the military - refer to my earlier post about Cape Warrenaveral to refresh your memory about them.

Others are employed in the entertainment industry and take care of Warrenville citizen's souls. I'll focus on these in another post when I discuss "Where Warrenville's Citizens Play and Pray".

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