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Where Citizens of Warrenville Pray and Play

Updated: Jan 26

After 5 days of hard, but rewarding, work at their jobs, and a Saturday shopping and doing chores around the house, Warrenville's citizens make most of the first day of the new week.

Typically. Sunday starts with church services.

Here is an early Sunday wedding taking place at a rural area church:

Due to the growth of Warrenville, and the generosity of its parishioners, the church above was recently demolished and rebuilt. Note that the same happy couple are renewing their vows after many years:

Those that live downtown attend this church on Main Street:

A beautiful Sunday morning so this storefront House of Worship is holding services outside:

After Church some enjoy a political rally and watching a classic car cruise go by:

Others like to fish at the Warrenville Docks:

Or swim and fish amongst the alligators at a local lake:

Nessie from Scotland is visiting the lake too:

Some like the hunt at garage sales:

Others enjoy train watching on camping trips:

Warrenakka Campground:

Amusement parks are always fun:

The kids love visiting the local zoo:

Some citizens enjoy the thrill of mountain climbing:

At the end of the day, some nice, cold, ice cream:

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Another great visit around the town. Am I mistaken or is there signs of an attempted political comeback?


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