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Home Sweet Home for Warrenville's citizens

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Warrenville: A Nice Place to Live, Work and Play!

Population: 1,150 and growing.

Warrenville is diverse with citizens from every age group.

Like in most of the USA, soldiers, sailors and airmen returned from WW2 and began to start families . Lots of new housing, like small Bungalows and Cape Cod houses, were needed and constructed for them:

When completed, the new families had fine "starter" houses:

As Warrenville is a great place to live, its citizens did not want to leave their neighbors, but they began outgrowing their small homes. A 2nd construction boom started as many of these "starter" homes were expanded to meet their needs:

Some citizens, and newcomers from other towns, wanted still larger homes - they found these in Warrenville too:

Time moves on.

When their children (the "Baby Boomers") looked for jobs, returned from college, and just plain wanted their independence, they too wanted to stay in Warrenville. Many took over the "starter" homes but others wanted a setting where they could rent a small apartment with a more urban feel. Apartments above retail establishments filled this bill.

The time came when many of Warrenville's older residents no longer needed, nor wanted to maintain, their single family homes. Apartment houses were built to meet this need:

As I said, Warrenville is a great place to live!

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