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Some Notable Citizens of Warrenville

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

In this post, the last of the "Warrenville Citizen" series, I'll focus on some of Warrenville's more notable citizens. In advance, I apologize to any that I may have unintentionally forgotten to mention.

Everyone is always happy (except maybe the streetcleaner) to see young Suzie walking her pet elephant Tiny.

Steve is frequently seen walking is pet pig, Hammy, downtown. They are a hit with the kids but, again, not so much with the streetcleaners.

These Monks are often seen praying near the subway entrance:

While Warrenville's Walking Dead population is its fastest growing segment, some feel that they are not treated fairly and have resorted to unpeaceful protests as shown in this photo:

Some of the Walking Dead, like Larry, have better attitudes about the living. Here he is chatting up a young lady - she does not seem to mind:

There is one citizen that, for good reason, is unwelcome - Godzilla. This photo caught him throwing a train car down onto the carnival while his cohort, a giant scorpion looks on. Fortunately, Superman (near Godzilla's left foot) saved the day.

As Warrenville is such a great place to live, I had myself shrunken down to O gauge so that I can enjoy life there. Here I am on Main Street. Note that I still have to wire the streetlight:

Not everyone goes to the lake to swim. The Flower triplets, Rose, Violet and Ivy, can usually be found there:

These skinny guys at the cemetery are nameless but, strangely, they do have a following:

Superman and Batman are two Super Heros that protect Warrenville:

While not traditionally known as Super Heros (even though they are in the minds of Warrenville's citizens) Warrenville is lucky to have several other heros.

Here is Arnold, a true patriot, making sure no terrorists do damage to this important section of railroad infrastructure:

Other heros are the police and fireman.

This photo shows the police in action arresting thugs after a (rare) mugging:

These firemen are heading to put out a small blaze at the switch tower:

In the wild western section of Warrenville the Lone Ranger and Tonto maintain law and order:

The Native American population respect their surroundings and live peacefully:

Even I can't explain some of Warrenville's citizens, but they are certainly notable:

The "Rev" is well known for his inspiring outdoor services:

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