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A visit to Cape Warrenaveral, USA

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Nestled in a 2 x 6 foot area in the center of Warrenville you will find an active space center and military defense base, known as Cape Warrenaveral.

Action is ensured with with 6 Lionel operating accessories: Radar Tower, Rocket Launcher, Missile Launching Platform, Missile Firing Range set, an Exploding Ammo Dump and a rotating Control tower.

The scene also includes a number of military trucks, jeeps, cars and other vehicles. These include trucks and a Lunar Landing Module purchased at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

In addition to Batman keeping an eye on things from his perch on top of a fuel tank, the U.S Space Force is protecting us all from an attack by Star Wars Storm Troopers.

At least one train of Post War Lionel's Military and Space engines (such as their #44 and 45 Missile launching switchers) and cars (such as their Mercury Capsule Rocket Launching car, Astronaut Cherry Picker car, Satellite Launching car, IRBM Missile Launching cars, Rocket carrying cars, Helicopter Launch cars, Turbo Missile Launch car, and others) is always on hand circling the base.

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