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Warrenville's Subway

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

For many years I commuted to and from The Big Apple daily. When MTH first produced a subway for us to enjoy, I had to have it - I purchased their first Proto 1 "D" train set and the two extra cars offered. This was, and still is, my only MTH train purchase - I have nothing against MTH, they revitalized the hobby and woke up Lionel - but Post War Lionel is what gives me the most enjoyment.

"Proto 1"! Just the sound of this gives many the shakes due to its reputation of scrambled chips. I quickly installed a BCR battery replacement and never had a problem.

Many of Warrenville's citizens also needed to commute to work, and I needed a project, so a Subway seemed like the thing to build. Note that I added Warrenville citizens to the car's interiors.

Warrenville's Subway is located under Cape Warrenaveral AFB and, when the train is stopped in the station it appears to be on a shelf. When it pulls out, the Subway station is revealed.

The Warrenvillers use a MTH Subway entrance to and continue down on stairs salvaged from a Plasticville pedestrian overpass kit:

The sleeping homeless person and the commuters don't seem to be bothered by the rather large rat on the edge of the platform as shown in this picture.

The platform is simply a piece of 4 " wide, 3/4 " thick pine. I painted it grey and added concrete joints with a pencil. The safety edge is 1/8" balsa painted yellow, the masonry below that was cut from a roll of Dept. 56's rubber-like walkway product.

The tile wall is graph paper sprayed a couple times with a clear gloss. The station name callouts were cut from real NYC subway maps. The wall advertisements were cut from magazines and newspapers and glued onto black construction paper,

In the above image you can see the "D" train entering the platform from the hidden tunnel. Note that the rat in this picture is not bothered by the strange huge subway bugs to the right.

The unseen portion of the subway consists of O42 curves on a donut shaped piece of plywood. I cut out the center donut hole to allow access to wiring for the main layout above:

I hope that you've enjoyed your visit to the Subway!

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Sep 17, 2021

Just looking at the photos, I can hear the rumble and squeaking of the wheels of the 1 and 9 that I use to take a lot. Just a great job. One minor comment. Maybe some trash on the tracks.



Sep 15, 2021

Hey John, the new site looks great! You have to let me know if you and the guys are going to York in October. Or if that show in Ronkonkoma is opening up. I hope you are well

Tom McClafferty.

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