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Memorial Diner in Honor of my Brother

Follow along with the following pictorial progression of a Standard Gauge diner I made in honor of my younger brother who recently passed in 2018.

This is a brush painted, rusty and wheel-less passenger car

from my junk box after I disassembled it.

Same car after stripping off layers of paint by soaking it in

powdered TIDE laundry detergent and hot water overnight.

Step 3, primed and dents repaired with auto body filler.

Here it is painted and ready for re-assembly. Note that I printed my own water slide decals.

If this were an "O" gauge custom Lionel car, I would have finished it, before re-assembly, with a coat of Dullcoat from Tester's, This provides the same matt finish that Post-War Lionel's had and does a good job of blending in decals.

Finished product

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