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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Some common questions I've been asked over and over again:

How much is it worth?

Dollar-wise, less than it did a couple of years ago. Enjoyment-wise, invaluable.

Unless a PostWar (1945-1969) item is truly rare, "mint" or "like new" with all of the packaging in perfect condition, it's dollar value has fallen. Why? Many operators now prefer recently issued trains with command control, digital sounds, scale size and details.

I like the nostalgia, sounds and ozone scent from PostWar Lionels. The hunt, running the trains, working on the layout and talking with and making friends is a ton of fun for me - and priceless.

For a more in-depth discussion on this subject, click here:

How long have you been doing this?

My brother and I received our first Lionels about 65 years ago when I was about seven. Even these trains "disappeared" about 10 years later. I never lost an interest in them. I started to get back into the hobby over 3 decades ago. Construction of the Warrenville RailRoad began in 1983 and still continues to this day. It's an addicting hobby!

What is your favorite train?

The 3 cars I custom painted (decals made by to commemorate the birth of my three grandaughters are way out in front as my favorites!

In second place, while not rare or unusual, is my PostWar Lionel Milwaukee Road set headed by a # 2338 GP7 diesel engine. Why? It is the same as the set my father bought us in 1958.

Don't you get bored after a while?

ABSOLUTLY NOT! I'm sure that after you've read the other posts on this website you will see that there is always something new to do or run, something new to learn or share and good friends to be made.

What is your favorite part of the hobby?

While I enjoy all aspects of it, I think working on the layout (except for wiring!!) is the most satisfying and fun.

Why did you choose O gauge Lionel over other brands and gauges?

Mostly nostalgia (see the post on this subject), but also due to its size and heft. I also enjoy Standard Gauge and S gauge trains (also shared in other posts here). HO and N gauges, while more realistic in appearance in many cases, are just too small and fickle for my tastes.

How do you keep your scenery clean/dust free?

I dust off buildings and vehicles on the layout with a soft paint brush and/or make-up brush.

As to the scenery itself (trees, bushes, grassy areas, etc.), I found that a product called "Silk & Splender Silk Plant Treatment" seems to melt dust away and keeps scenery nice and bright. A single quick spray is all that is needed (instructions say to "spray to the point of runoff") but, again, a quick spray is all that is needed for scenery. This bottle has lasted me 3 years so far.

I purchased it at my local Michael's craft store.

Did you buy or make the ties I see under your tracks?

Here is what I do with my Lionel O27 height track:

Ties are 3/16 thick x 1/2 inch wide balsa cut to the length of the track's metal ties and painted to match.

Installation goes VERY quick. On existing trackage just loosen the track screws, insert the ties, and tighten back down. If a tie is still loose, a small drop of Elmer's white glue on the bottom is all that is needed.

On elevated sections a drop of hot glue in the center of the tie is all that is needed.

WVRR has about 1,900 of these ties

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