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Toy Train Print Advertisement Fun; Pre & Post War

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

I find Pre and Post War print toy train ads interesting:

*They reflect the evolution of product lines through the years.

*Some depict prototype photos.

*I've learned about product produced by companies I never heard of.

*Christmas advertisements abound - many suggesting ways to hint to Mom & Dad about the gift that you would like.

*Sometimes there are a monthly series of ads from the same manufacturer.

*HISTORY! Ads advising about wartime production stoppages, anticipation about what to expect after the war is over, and announcements that production is back.

*Comparisons with competitor's products.

*Train store ads that reveal prices that I wish could be repeated today.

The lead photo is an IVES Trains ad from 1923 - Is this what gave Lionel the idea of a father sharing the hobby with his son?

A Lionel ad from 1923:

An American Flyer add from 1924:

A series of 1932 Lionel ads:

A couple 1936 Lionel ads:

A couple 1937 Lionel ads:

Ever hear of Megow Equipment? An ad from 1940:

An interesting Strombecker Christmas ad from 1940:

A couple 1940 Lionel ads:

A 1941 Lionel ad:

A 1944 tease from Varney:

A 1945 Mantua teaser ad:

1945 Lionel teaser ads:

A 1946 teaser from Lionel:

A 1952 Athearn ad:

A 1946 Merry Christmas ad from Hobby-Land:

A 1948 Welcome Back Lionel ad from 1948:

Can't forget about Colber - an ad from 1952:

Several ads from the 1950's:

While somewhat off topic, I'm including the following Lionel/Fundimensions/MPC ads - they were found in old Popular Mechanics magazines:




I hope that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

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