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"Friend's Layouts" Installment#6 - A mixed bag!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

My buddy Angelo's taste in trains runs from HO (the largest collection of Lionel HO I've ever seen) to PostWar Lionel O gauge. Vehicles go well with trains and Angelo also has the largest, most complete, set of Aurora cars out there. He has agreed to share with us here.

Growing up, Angelo's parents shared their passion of trains with him and, together, they built a fine collection of HO trains. Several layouts too, including his current one, were built with their encouragement and help. As time passed Aurora cars joined in the fun and are well incorporated into this layout.

I guess all of us O gauge guys wore Ang down and over the last 6-7 years or so he has accumulated a nice collection of PostWar Lionels and built a nice layout for them.

Let's start with the HO/Aurora layout and collections:

Notice how nice the Aurora sets fit in! If I recall correctly, Angelo's Mom made these two cardboard houses for him:

Angelo likes authentic Lionel and Aurora controls:

This is a pic from a small separate Aurora layout that he also has:

I did mention that he has an extensive collection of Lionel HO, right?

The above pic includes a little more of the separate Aurora layout.

From the above pic it is clear that Angelo is proud of his boxed HO collection.

A lot has been accomplished with Postwar Lionel in less than a decade!

Angelo has become quite the repairman too - here is his original Lionel Test panel:

Just a tease of the Aurora car collection:

Original Matchbox cars anyone?

Thanks again for sharing, Angelo!

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