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"Friend's Layouts" Installment#2 - Professionally Built Then Personalized

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I am most happy to share two layouts owned by my good friend Mike T.

The first and main layout is on the 2nd floor of Mike's home. It is an around the room style with access gained by a circular staircase toward one end of its center. It has multiple levels and is generally 3 feet wide. Over all it is 20 x 13 feet in size. O gauge, Gargraves trackage, Ross switches. It can be operated conventionally, by Lionel's TMCC or MTH's DCS systems.

I think that what makes it most interesting are the movie and television themed scenes. He, and his wife Ronnie, put a lot of effort in making these vignettes recognizable and enjoyable.

How many of the following scenes bring back memories for you?

Mikes 2nd layout is Circus and Horse Race track themed, Post-War American Flyer S gauge. Conventionally operated. Located in his basement it is 5 x 8 feet in size.

Thanks for sharing Mike!

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1 commentaire

02 déc. 2021

First time I saw Mike’s layout. Wow. Love all the various scenes. Thank you Mike for sharing and thank you John for posting.

Happy Holidays, Walter

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