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Upper Level Track Support Tips

Updated: Jan 7

I've received a good question:

"I'm building a layout and have questions about your upper level track supports -

How high and what is the distance between them?"

For trestles I use both Lionel's and homemade (from 1/4 inch wood stock painted brown)- depending on needs.

I've found that some Lionel PostWar rolling stock do not clear when going under Lionel's tallest "A" section trestles - they are only 4 1/2 inches tall - I rectify that issue by adding a "concrete" base (a piece of furring strip painted grey) under these taller sections - this brings their height to 5 1/4 inches. Approaching sections use thinner pieces of wood painted grey to come up to grade.

The homemade trestle sections are usually used to straddle existing roadways. Here are a couple pics of both:

I raised this Lionel Arch under bridge using the same "concrete" base method that I use with the Lionel trestle sections.

Make every effort to put one trestle under every track section joint, or at least no more than 12 inches apart.

Using available 3 foot track sections (less track joints to bend) is a good idea. If I have a spot where a 3 foot section won't fit, rather than use 1 or 2 shorter track sections and a small filler piece, I'll cut a 3 foot section to fit.

Screw or glue every trestle to the track ties, and then also to the board.

Lastly, to avoid flexing even more, I try to have something solid under many sections, things like bridges, mountains, plateaus, viaducts and stone/block walls. Refer to my Blog post entitled "Avoiding the Floating Track Look" for more ideas on this subject.

A couple side notes:

The curved railing shown in the 2nd pick above was made from a piece of plastic laminate floor edging, trimmed and painted, Details on how I made a variation of this railing is included in my Blog entry entitled "Avoiding The Floating Track Look". Check it out.

The viaduct in the last pic from a piece of white Styrofoam packaging.

Hope this helps - good luck with your project!

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