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"Friend's Layouts" Installment#1 - Multiple layouts & a Great Collection

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I am very fortunate to have a number of toy train collecting and operating friends, many of whom have layouts.

Like me, these friends like to share their enthusiasm with the hobby with others.

My good friend Mike C is the first to share, AND he is sharing not one, not two, but four layouts here!

The first is his action packed Post War Lionel style layout. Mike advises that "The layout is two 4 x 8 boards arranged in an "L" shape giving a dimension of 8 x 12 feet" he further advises that he "uses 2 Lionel ZW to run the trains and the other to help run the switches and some of the lights and accessories. I built it starting in 1990. I do use TMCC for the control of most engines. It can be run on conventional also". Trackage is tubular O gauge Lionel. Like me, Mike likes to include lots of citizens to give life to his display.

In addition to the lead picture, here are a few more pictures of this layout:

Mike is also a huge collector of very early prewar tin trains and has a 2nd layout dedicated to them. Trains over 100 years old are frequently found running here. He shares the following pictures of this layout:

Below is a 1905 Carlisle and Finch trolley running on this pre-war layout

The small layout pictured below features track loops of three gauges: O. O27 (Lionel Tubular), O/Standard Gauge combined (Gargraves) and an unknown tin wind up loop in the middle. It also includes a tin figure 8 auto race track:

From the above two pictures you can see that Mike is running trains that range from METCA's Enterman's offering from 2020-2021 and a re-gauged (to Standard gauge) train that is over 100 years old.

Here is Mike's Auto Speedway layout - NEAT!

The following two pictures are a tease of more of Mike's Pre-War collection:

Thanks again for sharing Mike!

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