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Avoiding the "Floating Track" Look:

Updated: Aug 15

Everyone loves Lionel trestles and elevated loops/track. The only issue is that the track stretches between these trestles un-prototypically with no visible support. There are easy, inexpensive ways to address this issue. Here are some of them.

Your local home improvement stores sell plastic sheetrock corner beading in several styles. I’ve placed ¼ inch thick luan boards, cut to 3 ½ to 4 inches in width and to what ever length I needed for the area, under track and across the trestles. I paint lengths of the corner beads with a brownish-red spray primer first for better appearance and then glue them to each side of the new wood base. Makes fine long girder type bridges IMHO, here are 3 examples:

I’ve also made Styrofoam retaining walls and viaducts to “support” floating tracks. Scrap Styrofoam, a Tippi wire foam cutting tool, and leftover paint made these fun projects. Again, here are a couple examples:

I’ve also used ready made bridges and girder bridges to span between trestles avoiding the “floating track look in those areas:

Have fun!

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